Plate Up! Reaches 500,000 Copies Sold and Reveals Halloween Update

A Feast of a Milestone 

Over half a million served is no small number. Especially when you’re the one running the restaurant. Today Yogscast Games is happy to announce that Plate Up!, their restaurant management game, has sold over 500,000 copies. Releasing in August of this year the game has, evidently, already amassed quite the following. However, in addition to the 500k milestone, Yogscast Games has also announced a Halloween update for the game. A press release provides more details on the update. Additionally, an update trailer gives players a glimpse into the spooky seasons tidings. 

Plate Up!

The Halloween update is bringing some scary, but fun, new content for your restaurants. For instance, players can expect to find new dishes such as Pumpkin Pie and Spiny Fish. Yet, that’s not all. Players can also look forward to a new selection of spooky hats, new automation items, including teleporters. 

Additionally, players can also look forward to four new run-modifying cards. For example the Tipping Culture card, which will influence the amount a customer leaves based on their remaining patience. Furthermore, players can also appreciate a host of  bug fixes, quality of life improvements, brand new music and an additional Twitch integration feature. Also check out the trailer for the Halloween update below. 

Plate Up! is available for PC via Steam. Currently, the game is available for $17.99. Congratulations to Plate Up! for 500,000 sales and a load of new content. So, are you excited for the Halloween update? What are you hoping to try out first?