EA Has Hit The Alpha Milestone In Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s Development

EA Has Hit The Alpha Milestone In Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s Development

Electronic Arts, a major video game publisher, along with Bioware, unveiled the next chapter for the Dragon Age series in June. Since then, the teams have been hard at work on developing the title for its release. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is expected to continue the storied RPG and there will be more details in the coming months. Today, Electronic Arts has announced that the game’s development has hit the Alpha Milestone. Therefore, the developers are able to experience the game from the opening scenes to the very end.

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Gary McKay, General Manager, explained that the game is far from finished, but it has hit a significant milestone. The developers will continue to improve on various aspects of the title and receive feedback from multiple sources. Furthermore, the team can focus on pacing, relationships, player progression and narrative cohesion. Moreover, the developers must continue to work on the characters and areas to explore such as Minrathous.

In closing, McKay noted that the team at Bioware is hard at work on other titles including a new Mass Effect game and content for Star Wars The Old Republic.

Despite the news that the Alpha Milestone is early, and that there’s a lot of work to be done, fans of the franchise should be overjoyed that development is going smoothly! Bioware is filled to the brim with experience in RPG development and there’s a lot of hope for the upcoming title.

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