3D Platformer Kukoos: Lost Pets Set For Release In Early December

3D Platformer Kukoos: Lost Pets Set For Release In Early December

Modus Games, an independent video game publisher, along with PetitFabrik, have announced that Kukoos: Lost Pets, its upcoming 3D platformer game, will release on December 6th. Fans can look forward to its release on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It is also set for digital and physical release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox platforms sometime in 2023. Interested fans can pre-order the game here.

In the game, players must fix the Kukoo Tree, which was once a safe haven for Kukoos, after it was taken over. To do so, players must embark on a unique journey filled with distinct colors and an adventure of a lifetime. Furthermore, the game can be played solo or with friends. Players will be able to explore wild locations, which are filled to the brim with many obstacles to overcome.

Moreover, the team behind the game have made it perfect for newcomers, children and advanced adventurers. Players will be able to take control of additional critters and enjoy the game with a diverse cast of characters. The game offers a unique balance of platforming, exploration and puzzle solving.

Additionally, in the multiplayer trailer, viewers were given an in-depth look at the gameplay, graphics and more. Players can enhance the fun alongside their teammates and friends as they unlock bonus levels and challenge themselves. Kukoos: Lost Pets is set to provide a unique experience for platforming fans and persons of all ages.

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SOURCE: Press Release