To Leave Prepares To Venture to Release September 9th

A Long Road 

Prepare for a dark story that walks toward the light. Today RedDeer.Games is happy to announce the release date for their puzzle platformer, To Leave. Releasing on September 9th To Leave is a touching story about getting to Heaven. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, a cinematic trailer gives players a better look at the game’s content. 

To Leave

To Leave follows the story of Harm. A boy struggling with bi-polar disorder manic-depression. As Harm, players will be in control of a magic door that can move to a new world: Dark Void. It is here that Harm discovers he can guide lost souls to heaven. Of course, he will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. 

To Leave aims to deliver an atmospheric experience where players feel the weight of mental illness with every puzzle. Players will learn to use the doors to solve the challenges they face. However, they need to be careful. The doors are fragile, wouldn’t want to get stuck. Players can get a better look at the game itself in the new cinematic trailer. The trailer delivers the themes and distinct feel of the game through a drawn art style. 

To Leave is releasing on September 9th, for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Players can expect an experience akin to Limbo, Spiritfarer, or Omori. So, are you ready to take on the responsibility of the doors? Will you discover the truth about Harm, will you face the darkness within yourself?