Dual Universe Warps to Full Release With New Trailer

A Launch Into A New Universe

Prepare to step into a universe of infinite possibilities. A universe entirely built and driven by the players. By, you. Today, developer Novaquark is happy to announce the release of their MMORPG, Dual Universe. Described as a genre re-defining experience the game is bringing a whole universe for players to enjoy on one sever. A press release provides more details about the game. Of course, today’s launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the world being made in Dual Universe. 

Dual Universe

The game introduces players to a sandbox everyone shares. Dual Universe places players in a single-server experience entirely built by players who drive it forward. Importantly, this is a universe without limits. Of course, this means Players get to define their own destiny. Basically, players are free to become artists, miners, captains of industry, or other professionals in a free-market economy.  Players drive everything, and thus everything is up to you. Everything that happens in individual systems is up to the player’s choices, not on classes. 

“From military, industrial, and economic advancement to space and planetary exploration, Dual Universe‘s scope of gameplay is unparalleled.” Says Nouredine Abboud, CEO of Novaquark. 

Of course, players can take a look at the game in the new launch trailer. Of course, the trailer provides players with all they can expect heading into Dual Universe. Take a look. 

Dual Universe is available now on PC via Steam. Importantly a free demo, with a separate server than the main game, gives skeptical players a chance to explore the game. So, are you ready to experience Dual Universe? 

SOURCE: Press Release