Bear and Breakfast Opens For Business Today On Nintendo Switch

Setting up Shop on the Switch 

It’s time to dust off the furniture. Open the blinds. And get ready for customers. Today developer Gummy Cat is excited to announce that their management adventure sim, Bear and Breakfast, is out now on the Nintendo Switch. A press release gives players all the info they need to know about eh Switch version of the game. Additionally, a launch trailer provides a look at all players can expect from running their very own B&B. 

Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast introduces players to Hank. Of course, if you hadn’t guessed yet, Hank is a bear. A very aspiring bear.  Hank has big dreams of running a bed and breakfast yet being a bear brings some complications to the idea of running a business. Additionally, the Bed and Breakfast happens to be a shack in the woods. Never fear though, players will help Hank redecorate and remodel the shack and make it very cozy. 

Importantly, players will be able to make the B&B their own as it is fully customizable. The game features dozens of different room designs. From guest rooms to bathrooms, parlors, and more. Players can transform the shack into a fully functional inn. Of course, players aren’t alone out in the woods. They will meet a whole cast of different characters. But be warned. Mysterious things are happening in the forest. Which means there will be a great deal to explore. 

Bear and Breakfast is available now on Nintendo Switch. Currently the game costs $19.99. So, are you ready to begin running your very own B&B?