Zenless Zone Zero Tuning Test Trials Give Garish Gameplay

Say That Ten Times Fast

miHoYo’s new game Zenless Zone Zero is now playable for a select few testers. In contrast to their previous game Genshin Impact, ZZZ is quite a lot faster. Gameplay videos have begun to surface, allowing interested fans to check it out.

The city of New Eridu is full of lively and colorful characters. Players are able to build a team of three characters to use in battle. They control one at a time, but can swap between characters on the fly. Characters can be switched in the middle of a combo with devastating effect.

Zenless Zone Zero

The combat shown off in Zenless Zone Zero is made up of wave-based battles. Defeat bad guys in one area and move on to another. After a few fights, the battle ends and you collect your rewards. There are also beat ’em up elements, where characters can build up their meter before unleashing a powerful attack.

Some Genshin Impact content creators, like the channel Veyn Genshin, is showcasing as many characters as they can. There are several videos of combining teams of furries and squishy, jiggly humans against Ethereals. miHoYo is also not slouching on the jiggle physics of Nicole, who I can predict will be pretty popular for a couple of reasons.

There is no official release date for Zenless Zone Zero, but it will be launching on PC and mobile devices.