Victoria 3 Prepares for an October Launch

Lead an Era 

Prepare to lead an empire. Will you meet the needs of the people or fall to revolution. Today Paradox Interactive is happy to unveil the release date for their upcoming grand strategy simulation, Victoria 3. Releasing on October 25th, Victoria 3 is bringing to life a socio-economic political simulation with massive depth, the game also promises to deliver a simulation experience like no other. A press release provides more information on the game. Additionally, a pre-order trailer gives players a small glimpse of what they can expect. 

Victoria 3

Victoria 3 introduces players to the era of revolutionary advancements. Playing as one of several empires during the time of 1836-1936 players will undertake political endeavors to appease every single person in their empire. Importantly each person is simulated. They each have different beliefs, jobs, political preferences, and a standard of life that players must maintain. Of course, players will need to balance the state of their empire with its ambitions. Through diplomacy, war, or other means your political development must continue. Furthermore, players will be able to see their ambitions come to life on a changing world map. 

 Victoria 3 also offers infinite replayability. Choose a new empire from the likes of Great Britain, Russia, China, or even Colonial Canada. Or maybe you’ll choose a brand new strategy this time around. Of course, players can get a glimpse of what to expect in the new pre-order trailer. 

Victoria 3 will be available on PC on October 25th, 2022. Currently, the game is available for pre-order. So, are you prepared to lead nations?