Triple Take, Unique Platformer, Unveils Reveal Trailer

You Need More Than a Double Take

This isn’t your everyday platformer. In fact, it’s a whole new type of experience. Today developer FlyAway is happy to announce that their unique platforming game, Triple Take, is coming to Steam in October. A press release about the game allows players to learn a little more about how Triple Take approaches the platforming genre. Additionally the release date trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect from the platformer. 

Triple Take

Triple Take introduces players to a plethora of unexpected and exciting experiences. Of course, these experiences take on the form of a fast paced 2-D platformer. However, unlike other platformer games with set level sets, Triple Take’s level evolves as you complete it. It does this three times, thus the namesake. Importantly, the start of a level seems easy. However, it will soon begin to evolve into a much more difficult type of level. Beating the level three times allows players to move onto the next evolving level. 

Players will need to employ a variety of skills to defeat each level. From running to swinging, wall climbing and more. Players will need to use a variety, and combinations, of skills to conquer 5 different worlds and over 50+ levels. Additionally, players can look forward to using what they learn in boss fights. Of course, you can get a glimpse of the action in the release date trailer for the game.

Triple Take is releasing for PC via Steam on October 6th. Currently a demo for the game is available on Steam. Importantly, players will discover a dark truth about the game as they play. So, maybe expect some horror in your platforming adventure. Good luck.