Nobody Saves the World DLC Frozen Hearth Comes Out This Fall

Nobody Cared Who I Was, Until I Saved the World

Nobody Saves the World came out early this year. Our review gives it a resounding “meh”, but if you enjoyed the game, more power to you. Good news for you as well, the game will be getting DLC next month. With the game now out on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, everyone can enjoy this content.

The DLC is called Frozen Hearth. It adds a lot more stuff for Nobody to do. There are new forms, abilities, friends, as well as challenges and mini-games.

Nobody Saves the world

Two of the new forms shown off by the trailer include a stinging wasp and an old man with a wrench. The wasp has an AOE attack that stings enemies. The old man can build stationary turrets to fire upon enemies. Hopefully, there are more that we haven’t seen.

There are also some trials for players to challenge themselves with. Some will test your combat prowess by wracking up kills in a short time. Another appears to be a tower defense-type of mini-game, where enemies follow a fixed path and players have to destroy them before they reach their objective.

There is also a mini-golf game coming to Nobody Saves the World. These challenges and mini-games are perfect for the game’s local co-op.

Frozen Hearth will be coming out on September 13th. Nobody Saves the World is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Will you be trying out the Frozen Hearth DLC? Let us know in the comments below.