Midnight Fight Express Latest Trailer Shows Off Intense Gameplay

Midnight Fight Express Latest Trailer Shows Off Intense Gameplay

Humble Games is an indie video game publisher tied to the popular storefront. The company has partnered with indie developer, Jacob Dzwinel, to release Midnight Fight Express. The game will release on August 23rd, 2022 on PC via Steam and the Humble Store, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Today, the team behind the game have released a new, thorough gameplay overview trailer showing off various elements of the game and hyping up fans before the game’s official release.

In the game, players as Babyface, must fight their way across a dangerous city before sunrise to prevent a criminal takeover. Babyface was a former member of the criminal underworld who was lured back into the unfortunate lifestyle by an AI drone. Furthermore, players will be able to customize Babyface’s appearance and unlock a wide variety of cosmetic options. The developers have introduced more than 150 pieces of clothing for players to utilize.

Moreover, players will engage in fast-paced combat where they can punch, dodge and counter their enemies as well as up the difficulty across various modes to challenge themselves. Additionally, the developers have provided players with a sprawling skill tree that allows players to level up, use more powers and unleash devastating fight moves. Players will be able to find their own style and deal dangerous combos to criminals in the underworld.

In the trailer, viewers will get a first look at various elements of the action-packed game including its combat, graphics and more.

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