LucidSound Launching LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset Today

A Whole New World of Sound 

Sound is an important aspect of gaming. Hearing where enemies are, enjoying a soundtrack, or even just enhancing the atmosphere of a game, are all huge. Of course, having some good gear helps the quality of your gaming sound. Today LucidSound is happy to announce the launch of their new LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset. Designed for the Xbox Series X/S, the headset is also useable on PC and even mobile. A press release provides more info on the headset. 


The LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset provides great sound for gameplay and for quite awhile. For instance the headset offers over 130 hours of gameplay life when connected, and 72 hours when using the Bluetooth adapter. Of course, the headset features quality sound with Quick Access Audio Controls on the left and right earcups. Furthermore, the LS100X doesn’t just claim to excel in its sound design. 

Featuring a dual-mic system, optional mic monitoring, and voice prompts to operate the headset, gamers have complete control. These features also mean that the player using the headset will also have a personalized audio experience. Players can choose from 3 different EQ modes: Signature, BassBoost, and FPS. Each provides is aiming to provide the best experience for whatever the user is aiming to play or listen to. 

The LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset is available now for $99.99. Those interested can head over to LucidSound’s website for more info and purchasing the headset. So, what do you think about the LS100X? Do you see it as a new addition to your gear? 

SOURCE: Press Release