Lies of P Wins Three Awards At Gamescom 2022

A Hatrick 

Sometimes a game is just so impressive it can’t help but have awards thrown at it. Today, NEOWIZ  is excited to share that their upcoming dark RPG, Lies of P, has won three awards at Gamescom 2022. A press release provides more details on the awards themselves in addition to the game. Furthermore, the release also gives players a bit more insight into what Lies of P will bring them in terms of gameplay. 

Lies of P gameplay trailer pinocchio meets bloodborne

Taking home three awards, Lies of P has cemented itself as a highly anticipated game that has players excited for any news of it at all. The awards won, is equally reflecting of this sentiment. Lies of P was given the Most Wanted Sony PlayStation Game. However, there’s more. The game is also receiving awards for Best Action Adventure Game and Best Role Playing Game. 

Lies of P is a dark twist on the story of Pinocchio. Players will explore a city in ruins as a mechanoid Pinocchio. Of course, players will need to use everything at their disposal to survive this hellscape. Crafting new weapons, interacting with survivors, and making significant narrative choices, are all a major part of the game. Importantly, the game weaves the fairy tale into the game through a system that allows the player to become more human the more lies they tell. Of course, this means players will have to make some difficult choices as they progress through the narrative. 

Lies of P will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. So, are you ready to explore this award winning world?