Europa Universalis IV Announces Lions of The North DLC Pack

A Force From the North 

The Early Baltic is ripe grounds for a budding empire. Soon, you’ll have your chance. Today Paradox Interactive is happy to unveil the details about the next immersion pack for Europa Universalis IV: Lions of The North. Taking the focus of the pack is the Baltic regions, with all new branching missions as well as missions for specific kingdoms. A press release provides more details on the DLC. 

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Europa Universalis IV places players at the helm of some of the mightiest empires of the early modern era. Players build their own historical narratives, playing as their favorite empire amidst the drama of of the time period. The Lions of The North immersion pack introduces players to a host of new missions for Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Players will be able to preserve or undermine the Kalmar Union between the three nations. Or, take their own path. For instance, players could threaten trade routes from an island pirate kingdom, or restore a famed crusader order. 

The Lions of The North pack introduces players to massive changes to mission and skill trees for several empires. Additionally, players can look forward to changes to other factions. For instance, the Teutonic Order and Riga are each getting new mission trees. Furthermore, players can also get excited for new units, new music and more. 

Lions of The North will be available on September 13th, 2022. It’s arrival will be accompanied by a free update for everyone who own Europa Universalis IV. The DLC will cost $14.99 upon release. For more information you can visit Paradox’s website. So, are you ready to forge a new empire?