Tower Of Fantasy Unveils New Characters Trailer

Meet Your Heroes 

Welcome to a world of vibrant, and exciting, open world. A world with exciting and unique characters. So, it might be time to meet them. Today Level Infinite and Hotta Studios are happy to unveil a new character trailer for their open-world adventure, Tower of Fantasy. A press release provides more info about the game and some of the characters. Of course the new trailer gives players a look at some of the allies they can expect to run into on their adventure. 

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy introduces players to an open world named Aida. With an anime art style, unique characters and weapons, as well as, intense action combat, players will experience a vibrant world. A massive variety of characters each present you with unique ways to play, each with their own skills and weapons that players will adapt to. Of course, players can also change their gameplay style on the fly as they explore and discover the living world of Aida. 

Of course the new character trailer gives players a glimpse of some of the characters they can meet. From lone-wolf ocean maniac Shiro, to a modified human turned angel Nemesis. Each character will give players a new way to play, traverse the world, and fight. 

Tower of Fantasy is currently set for release later in 2022. Over 1 million players are already registered on the game’s website. Additionally players can wish list the game on Steam. So, who looks the most fun to you?