Online Sports Betting Revenues in Maryland Witnessing a Huge Increase

Maryland has now approached legal sports betting and the state regulatory bodies have also started assisting in introducing online sports betting. This allows Maryland sports bettors to grab an opportunity for unprecedented gaming selection from mobile betting options. The massive exploration of online brands featuring Maryland online gambling is soon looming to become the biggest virtual market.

Maryland Sports Betting Revenue

The state’s 6.2 million population flooded with betting fans creates a business model and enhances the competitive spirit of sports betting. According to the statistical evidence, the sharp projects being conducted by the sports betting fronts can produce $217 million as annual revenue. Also, the state supports taxable betting revenue up to 15 percent.  Applying 15 percent to $217 million in revenue, the mobile sports betting sites are expected to earn $32.55 as the state’s annual tax revenue.

Maryland launched its first legal sports betting app towards the end of 2021. Five out of six casinos in the state have started obtaining regulated wagers. However, others such as stadiums, professional teams, racetracks, bars, and restaurants will be moving in very soon. It is projected that Maryland’s betting market will rise up to $3 billion as the market completely matures, while the betting industry is anticipated to generate revenue up to $200 million out of which $35 million is the state’s tax revenue.

Maryland Sports Betting Market

Out of the total state’s betting revenue, 85 percent is generated from the sportsbook apps operating in the state. This metric applies to almost every state in the United States. Out of 10, every 9 counts for the sportsbooks and gives the maximum wagers placed across the world.

The first month of the Maryland sports betting market became an encouraging start. Around $3.1 million came out as revenue, with $4,70,000 as tax revenue. The online sports betting landscape in Maryland is not like any other in the United States. There are 60 virtual sportsbook licenses setting the trend to divide into four distinct levels based on the company’s size. Big betting giants and state casinos have already become available traditionally and will be launching their online betting in Maryland. The availability of licenses and a tiered approach place the small businesses in a mix to devote sportsbook licensure.

Expansion of Maryland Sports Betting

You must understand a few steps and a few terms before knowing how sports betting revenue is generated.

  • Gross Gaming Revenue – the total amount made by sportsbooks minus winnings produced
  • Handle – the wagered amount by bettors
  • Tax revenue – money collected by regulators from sportsbook operators
  • Hold percentage – gross gaming revenue separated by the total handle

Maryland is expected to reach its maturity in the market by its third year. Sports betting operators by this time could handle $3.1 billion that could generate revenue between $125 million and $225 million. The fixed tax rate of 15 percent was consented upon by lawmakers, this translated to $35 million across the state. The success of the betting market in Maryland largely relies on the number of competitions the regulators can promote. This need not be any problem for the developers in the Old Line State. 60 sports betting licenses featured with mobiles and 40 retail licenses were approved by the regulators.

Market Projections made by Maryland Sports Betting

When it comes to Maryland sports betting, there are plenty of advantages that these sportsbooks offer. A regulated offering is formulated in Washington DC. It is the only jurisdiction boasting higher median incomes. Some of the active fan bases supporting professional teams are Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and the Washington Football team.

Maryland is expected to feature a special sports betting industry comprising over 100 retail and virtual mobile betting licenses. Moreover, the state is the only one with legal sports betting surrounding other jurisdictions with regulated betting. Maryland doesn’t feature the tourism industry by offering significant jobs in the related sector, this adds to the fact that sports betting in the state have to rely completely on local interests and preferences.

Fan Bases Supporting Wagering in Maryland

The college sports teams and professional teams in the state have to buoy early sports wagering tax revenue. Some of the pro franchises in the homeland include the Washington Football team, Baltimore Ravens, etc., as already mentioned. However, they are important to note, as some states initiate sports betting without knowing their potential fan bases and not identifying with their competition. This allows industries to capitalize by appealing to visitors. But, Maryland has no such advantage but the revenue generation is what makes it significant.


The state deals with major professional esports and traditional sports as well including six casinos, off-tracking wagering sites, a group of racetracks, and other such entities offering legal betting. Maryland has been witnessing the sports betting market thriving still and yet achieving major fronts gradually. The revenue generated from the state in the form of tax revenue and non-tax revenue has been rising since the beginning.