How Casino Games Evolved to Where They Are Today?

The iGaming industry evolves as technology evolves. The iGaming industry has changed a lot since the very first online gambling sites started welcoming their first customers in the middle 1990s. One of the very first gambling sites was Planet Poker which was launched in 1998. Paradise Poker opened its virtual doors in 1999, and numerous other sites followed.

The early 2000s marked the expansion of poker sites. In 2005, Playtech launched one of the very first mobile gaming sites, while numerous other mobile sites opened their doors in the following years. As iGaming changed over the years, online casino games have also evolved. Today, players have thousands of different top-notch online casino games to explore, and we discuss how casino games grew over the years to get to where they are today.

Evolution of Online Casino Games

Thanks to the widespread use of the Internet back in the middle and late 90s, online casinos operating on the scene back then started adding more games to their gaming libraries. The earliest online casinos featured minimal gaming libraries with a couple of blackjacks and roulette games, accompanied by online slots that were among the very first real money online casino games.

Today, a single online casino has hundreds and even thousands of different casino games, including live dealers, classic tables, card games, slots, instant-win, and specialty games. To get the best value for your money, make sure you check out these online casinos with the fastest payout rates.

More Sophisticated Software 

Online casino software in use today is way more sophisticated than it was a couple of years ago. The improvements made in such a short period are tremendous. Games you can play today feature more modern RNG software, ensuring greater fairness across all different iGaming sites. In recent years, third-party testing agencies, such as iTechLabs and eCogra, also joined the market to focus on promoting and ensuring fair gaming sessions.

More Advanced Sound Effects, Animations, and Graphics

The software quality used in online casino games improved massively, and the same is true for sound effects, animations, and graphics used. Modern casino games available today come packed with top-notch, premium graphics and eye-catching animations. Sound effects used in modern online casino games are also impressive, especially among branded games that take inspiration from movies, television shows, and celebrities.

More Rewarding In-Game Bonuses

According to this report by Grand View Research, the global gaming market’s site was worth around US$57 billion as estimated in 2021. According to the same report, the market’s site is expected to grow at a staggering rate of 11.7% in the next eight years. For players, this means bigger and better gaming opportunities, which are commonly presented as in-game bonuses.

If you take a look at retro games released years ago, you can see that they have one or no in-game bonuses. Modern slots and other casino games that hit the iGaming market commonly feature one and even more in-game bonuses.

Speaking of slots, these games have evolved massively in the last several years thanks to the introduction of Megaways, Cluster Pays, and other innovative gaming engines. Other games, such as blackjack and roulette, have evolved as well, thanks to new exciting variants being introduced. The growing popularity of live dealers and mobile casinos has also contributed to the tremendous popularity of iGaming.