Fan-Favorite Character Coming to Resident Evil Season 2

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Last week, Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Resident Evil premiered. Despite some warm receptions from critics, viewer rating is quite negative. Whatever your opinion of the show, creators have some plans for the next season. Beware; spoilers are in store beyond this point.

The show’s main action runs along two timelines; a 2022 flashback and a 2036 era. The season 1 finale ends with the Wesker twins, Billie and Jade running away from New Raccoon City. They leave with directions from their father, Albert Wesker to meet a woman, who is no doubt familiar to fans of the video games.

Resident Evil

The Weskers are to make their way to Japan, where they will get in touch with Ada Wong. Ada has been a favorite of fans since Resident Evil 2 in 1998. She has always been a mysterious character with shady motives. Ada usually ends up helping out in the end though.

While Netflix’s Resident Evil series is mostly made up of original characters, the inclusion of Albert Wesker and Ada Wong certainly means that there is room for fan-favorites from the games. We all know that where Ada goes, Leon Kennedy is never far away. Hopefully, fans will get some Leon action in the show as well.

In an exclusive with Screen Rant, showrunner Andrew Dabb said that season 2 would include Ada Wong. The show has not yet been renewed for a second season, but the plans are in place. Resident Evil is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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