Alfred Hitchcock- Vertigo Getting Dizzy on Consoles in September

A Descent Into A World Most Mad

This is one of the worst dizzy spells you could have. In fact, you could say it’s almost maddeningly powerful. Not to mention dangerous. Today Microids is happy to announce that their narrative driven thriller, Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is coming to consoles this September. Of course, the game is loosely based on the film by the same name. A press release provides more details about the console release of the game. Additionally, the trailer from last year’s release gives players a look at what they can find as they descend into madness. 


Featuring a story told from three perspectives the player is challenged to find the truth. Of course, throughout this story a narrative unfolds. This narrative is one of obsession, manipulation, memory, and pure madness. Starting with a car accident and devolving into a thriller, this story becomes dizzying quickly. 

As the player moves through the story they aim to uncover if they are a murderer. Are you completely insane, criminally dangerous? That is up for the player to uncover as they delve deep into the story and differing perspectives. Finding the truth will be up to the swapping of visions and different perspectives. However, each will have their own version of events. 

Vertigo will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch on September 27th in Europe and October 4th in North America. Currently the game is available on PC via Steam. So, will you delve into the madness? Sometimes the truth is worse.