Xbox Arriving on Samsung Smart TVs No Console Needed

Gaming With Just Your TV

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just turn on your TV and have hundreds of games at your fingertips. Soon you can. Today Xbox announced a partnership with Samsung to bring gaming to smart TVs. A press release about this partnership provides info on how it will impact gamers. Furthermore, Ashley McKissick the Corporate Vice President, Gaming Experiences & Platforms, shares her insights into how this deal will continue to provide less barriers for the gaming community. 

About a year ago, Xbox made clear their desire to work with smart TV manufacturers to bring gaming onto their TVs. This new deal with Samsung fulfills these desires. Of course, this means gamers will be able to access hundreds of games via their smart TV through the Xbox app. With the Xbox app, that will feature on the TV, players can access the Game Pass and will be accessible all without the need for a console. 

“Together, Samsung and Xbox partnered to bring Xbox Game Pass to the millions of Samsung Galaxy phones around the world, and now we are partnering again to bring our Xbox gaming experience to their 2022 Smart TVs. I’m excited for you to experience cloud gaming on Smart TVs on June 30 in 27 countries.” Says Ashley McKissick the Corporate Vice President, Gaming Experiences & Platforms.

Of course, this means cloud gaming is coming to the TV. It will work through the use of your Microsoft account and the Xbox app that will be found on your Smart TV’s hub. Furthermore, this gives players even more ways to play their favorite Game Pass games. So, are you excited?