Wild West Dynasty Teases How to Survive the West With New Trailer

Settling The Wild West 

Welcome to the Wild West. A land of opportunity and danger. Pioneers, gunslingers, outlaws, and more all await. Today, developer Moon Punch Studio is happy to unveil the first look at the gameplay teaser of their upcoming game, Wild West Dynasty. A press release provides more specific info about the game. Additionally, the teaser trailer gives players a look at what they can expect from the gameplay itself. 

Wild West Dynasty

Wild West Dynasty introduces players to the harshness of the Wild West. The game itself is a mix of genres from RPG and character building to settlement and business sims. Of course, the game includes action story and adventure. However, it aims to combine these concepts with the idea that the player is building something that will last in the open world of the game. From humble beginnings trying to survive players will settle, build, and thrive. Eventually becoming a successful person in the west. Yet be warned the more successful you are, the more outlaws will have their sights set on you. 

Players can experience the west in first or third person gameplay. They will deal with concepts such as resource management, character development, and changing weather. The West is truly a sandbox for players to enjoy and explore as they please. Of course, players can get a glimpse of this freedom in the new teaser trailer for the game. 

Wild West dynasty is releasing later in 2022. Currently it is expected to release on PC via Steam. So, are you ready to make your way in the West? Will you survive and thrive? Or simply be another victim of the brutality of the land?