Darkest Dungeon II Aims At Steam Release In Early 2023

Darkest Dungeon II Aims At Steam Release In Early 2023

Red Hook Studios struck gold with the release of Darkest Dungeon and released the game’s sequel into Early Access on the Epic Games Store in October 2021. Since then, the developers have consistently provided content and updates for players. In its latest roadmap, the developers have announced that Darkest Dungeon II will release on Steam in February 2023. Interested fans can purchase Darkest Dungeon II today at the price of $11.99USD.

In its recent roadmap, Red Hook Studios states that it is aiming at a release on Steam in 2023. Besides that, the company is now aiming at more frequent milestone releases and have targeted three areas that require more work. The company is working on a complete overall of progression in the game. The new system will provide a link between expeditions and unlocking items. Furthermore, the company will attempt to improve the driving sequence with new decisions.

In terms of content, although the team size remains the same, the content will now impact on the quality of the game more. The developers also intend to improve the Relationship System, Environment Art and Character Scope to allow for more fluid and flexible gameplay.

In the future, fans can look forward to a Trinket Overhaul and new units and a home for the Cultist faction. The Guardian Location will also be given a facelift and thereafter, fans can expect the release of the Progression Overhaul.

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