Two More Ghosts Coming to Phasmophobia Next Update

Phasmophobia: 2 Scared 2 Spooky

Phasmophobia has become the game to emulate in the ghost-hunting, survival, investigation, horror genre. The game was largely made by one person, but the development team has exploded to a staggering three people. Soon, but at an undetermined date, a new update will launch and bring two new ghosts with it.

There will be a few more features and polished items with the next update, but the ghosts are the most exciting part. We’ll focus on that for now. The ghost names have not yet been revealed, though one starts with an M and the other a D.


The M ghost was teased a couple of weeks ago, but this time we get a closer look at the D the other ghost. This ghost supposedly stalks players “into submission”. I’m not sure what that means, but it seems like a battle of attrition in these haunted houses. Just like the M ghost profile, the new ghost’s profile is smudged out a bit.

The new map Sunny Meadows is getting some more assets. It is shaping up to look like one of those Outlast-type asylums with a bunch of rusty tools and hooks. Perfect for ghosts.

Since public lobbies can be a scary place in any game, Phasmophobia is adding a new reporting system. Hopefully, it will be easier to exercise any evil people in your lobby so you can exercise ghosts in peace.

There are a few more quality of life improvements, which you can check out on the Steam news page. Again, we don’t exactly know when these two ghosts will start appearing, but hopefully it is soon. Phasmophobia is available now for PC and VR.

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