Moonrise Fall Investigating Its Way to Nintendo Switch

Lost Amidst the Forest

A car crash has left you lost in the woods. Despite losing both your parents in the crash, you are far from alone. Today Developer Made From Strings is happy to announce the Nintendo Switch release date for their atmospheric puzzle game, Moonrise Fall. Releasing for Switch on June 3rd, aims to deliver its puzzling and creepy adventure to players beyond its initial Steam release in 2019. A press release about the game provides more details. Additionally, a launch video from 2019 gives, unfamiliar, players a look at the game. 

Moonrise Fall places players in the shoes of a young boy who, following a car crash taking the lives of both of his parents, is lost in a strange forest. Of course, you aren’t all alone out there. On the contrary it appears these woods are haunted. Using a journal, his camera, and a lantern, the boy will be testing his detective skills. Players must unravel the mysteries of this supernatural forest, photographing strange creatures and solving puzzles. Of course, this will lead you on an adventure of exploration, understanding and loss. 

Of course the launch trailer for the game gives players a glimpse of what to expect. Set to a range of music, the trailer gives players a look at the art style and gameplay. 

Moonrise Fall is releasing for Nintendo Switch on June 3rd, 2022. It will cost $9.99 upon release. So, will you brave the supernatural and photograph strange creatures? Will you uncover the story of loss?