Hunt: Showdown Goes Questing With Update 1.8.1 Live Today

Quests Come to the Bayou 

Time to head back into the Bayou and get even more rewards for sending monsters back to Hell. Today Crytek is expanding the ways players can get rewards in their FPS PVEVP bounty hunting game, Hunt Showdown. The newest update for the game introduces a quest system for hunter’s forays into the Bayou. A press release about the update provides more details on the quest system and what it is bringing to the game. Additionally, an update trailer gives players a glimpse of the new systems and examples of progression. 

hunt showdown devs extend traitor's moon event

Hunt: Showdown places players in the boots of a Hunter. Set in Louisiana in the late 1800’s in swampland full of demonic creatures. Yet they aren’t the only threat. Of course, Hunt: Showdown provides a unqiue PVE and PVP experience where monsters aren’t the only thing to worry about but so is every other hunter on the map competing for bounties. If you aren’t careful, you may wind up with a bullet in your back. Race against solo, duo, or trio teams of hunters to lay claim to monstrous bounties and then escape with your life. 

With the new update, more objectives are available to you. Players are now able to summon quests as they go into matches. These quests could range from killing specific monsters, to getting kills with a specific weapon. Of course, completing a quest grants player rewards. For instance, players could receive blood bonds, weapons, and explosives. Additionally, Crytek is excited to work with community on this new update. Players can give suggestions for quests, rewards and more on social media channels by using “#SuggestAQuest.” 

Hunt: Showdown’s quest update is available today. More information is available on the game’s website. So, are you brave enough to take a few quests and head into the swamp?