Firestoke announces Falling Out, 2D Roguelike, Coming 2022

Accidental Adventure 

It’s time to explore. Enter some ancient kingdoms, discover treasure, fight deadly creatures and avoid traps. You know, vacation stuff. Today new indie developer Firestoke announced its upcoming 2D roguelike game, Falling Out. A press release provides more details about the adventure awaiting players in Falling Out. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a glimpse of the art-style and gameplay. 

Falling Out places players in the sandals of Giorgio and Felicie. Players follow these two as their “vacation” becomes a very unlikely adventure. Your vacation itinerary has quickly turned into a hellish path where you choose where to go. Of course, as a roguelike, players will navigate procedurally generated worlds in which no two runs are the same. Either alone or in co-op you will need to learn to master the unique attributes of both characters. Though they may not always get along they are going to have to learn. 

Furthermore, players will need to be careful of the temples they visit. They have a tendency to fill with water. Sticking to the roguelike mechanics players will gather items, craft weapons, and defeat enemies. At the same time, collecting things to make lasting upgrades between runs. Of course, players can get a glimpse of the gameplay and retro-inspired art style in the new announcement trailer. 

Falling Out is planning its release for later in 2022. IT will be available on PC and consoles. Additionally, players can currently get their hands on the demo available on Steam. Are you ready to explore some flooding temples? This isn’t going to be your average vacation.