FIFA 22 To Start Testing Cross-Platform Play Soon

Cross-play, It’s In The Game?

EA Sports has finally announced it is starting FIFA 22 cross-platform play testing “in the near future” for players on Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Although the feature will only be a test for future EA Sports football titles, the feature will still allow players, across the different next-gen platforms, to play online and together in FIFA 22. The feature will also be only available for online season and online friendlies game modes.

EA has clarified that the testing will be limited to the aforementioned game modes only in order to limit the possibility of introducing any game-breaking issues. However, EA is promising that the data and the feedback collected from the test will help in the decision of making cross-play a permanent feature in future FIFA titles.

Once the test starts and the feature is enabled, FIFA 22 players will find a new cross-play menu available. In that cross-play menu, players will have the option to either add friends from different platforms or turn off cross-play.

PlayStation players who haven’t purchased the game yet will be happy to know that the game is currently available for download for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting today. Xbox players on the other hand will have to wait a little longer for the game to be available for download with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, although, reports suggest that the game is actually coming to the service later this month.

Although the feature is very much in high demand and fans have been patiently waiting for it, EA has chosen to refrain from committing to any release date for now.