Devolver Digital Sale Hitting Steam with Huge Deals

Devolver Deals 

It seems like the spring sales for Steam are never ending. Just the way gamers like it. Today the Devolver Digital sale is dominating Steam with fantastic deals on multiple titles. A press release about the sale provides more info on some of the titles that players are capable of scooping. Now’s your chance to complete your Devolver collection, or maybe start one. 

Devolver is making sure that their titles in this sale aren’t just previous games. In fact, two of the developer’s newest titles, Shadow Warrior 3 and Weird West, are both featuring in the sale. With a 40% and 25% discount respectively now may be the best time to grab the titles. Furthermore, award winning games like Inscryption, Death’s Door, and Loop hero are all making appearances up to over 60% off. Additionally, players can find other titles, up to 90% off, that fit into any genre they could want. 

Looking for a creative and action-packed side scrolling experience? Grab Katana Zero for 40% off. Do you want a brand new, just released, cinematic experience? Trek to Yomi is making an appearance 10% off. Need to scratch that chaotic FPS itch? Grab a number of Serious Sam games up to 90% off. Of course there is even more to look through in Devolver’s rather large library. There truly may be something for everyone. 

The Devolver Digital publisher sale is running until May 16th. This gives all of you gamers quite a lot of time to grab the games you want. It’s time to grow that library people.