Charon’s Staircase, First-Person Horror Mystery, Releases Chilling Teaser

Enter Oack Grove 

Ready yourself Agent. Nightmares are coming. Today SOEDESCO unveiled a new teaser trailer for their upcoming psychological horror mystery, Charon’s Staircase. Releasing later in 2022 Charon’s Staircase invites players to investigate a dark and hellish endeavor on PC. In addition to the teaser trailer, a press release provides more details about the game and what players can expect. 

Charon’s Staircase places players in the shoes of Agent “Desmond”. As Agent Desmond players will enter a 70’s style research facility known as Oack Grove. Within Oack Grove, the player will discover the secrets of a regime known as The Ministry and all of the awful, hellish, of top secret Project Alpha. Of course, Charon’s Staircase combines the unnerving fear of a psychological horror game with the puzzles of a mystery. As players progress through the nightmare of Oack Grove they will uncover more secrets, puzzles, and horrors all of which needs to see the light of day. However, the question remains. Can you escape with your life? 

The teaser trailer gives players a glimpse of both the story of the game and the twisting, dark, hallways of Oack Grove. Additionally, players can also catch quick, faint, looks at something more sinister that may haunt the facility. The trailer also contains full voice acting for the narration. 

Charon’s Staircase is set for release later in 2022. It will be available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Currently players can wish list the game on Steam. So, will you dare to enter the halls of Oack Grove and uncover dark secrets, long buried?