Call of Duty League’s Major Three Has Officially Kicked Off

Call of Duty League’s Major Three Has Officially Kicked Off

Call of Duty Vanguard released in late 2021 and its competitive side kicked off in early 2022. The Call of Duty League, the game’s official competitive arena, commenced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and has continued into Vanguard. The league’s third major has officially kicked off and twelve teams will fight for another championship over the upcoming weeks. Interested fans can watch the league live along with replaces and full VODs of any missed games for free here! Call of Duty eSports will continue to grow!

In Major Three, the top twelve teams in the world, with four players each, will go through the qualifiers stage until the Finals Weekend. Each win in Qualifiers count in terms of Winner’s Bracket and securing a spot at the Final. Furthermore, the Qualifiers will take place until May 29th while the Finals Weekend will take place from 2nd to 5th June. The Finals Weekend will be taking place in Toronto, the home of Toronto Ultra.

Optic Texas were the Champions of Major One while Los Angeles Guerillas were the Champions of Major Two, though they were complete underdogs. Going into Major Three, fans have a lot of competitive Call of Duty to look forward to and there are some favorites such as Atlanta Faze, Optic Texas and the Pro-Am Champions, New York Subliners. Furthermore, interested fans can look forward to Major Four which runs from June 24th to July 17th in New York.

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