When Pacing Can Be Important to the Game

In any type of media, there is a question of pacing. It is how quickly you will deliver information to the person consuming the media. But, when it comes to video games, game pacing might not be as important as many would think.

In general, there are three types of pacing when it comes to video games:

  1. Story pacing
  2. Mechanics pacing
  3. Puzzle pacing

And while the last one seems like a mixture of the former two, for many games, it will be the main thing that makes or breaks the game. It is the only aspect that, if present, needs to be in the ‘’goldilocks zone’’.

A good example of this is actually iGaming options, meaning gambling games. If we look through the best betting sites in Australia we will notice that a puzzle component is often advertised.

These games are low in the story and fast when it comes to mechanical pacing, and the puzzle portion is added as a spice to have the player believe that there is a way to outsmart the machine, even when it all comes down to luck.

Fast but Manageable

Even if you are just enjoying the story, you want it to flow steadily but not too quickly. If the player starts missing parts of the action, they will become frustrated and finally quit the game. And if it’s too slow, they will become bored and go away.

But what is the perfect amount will come down to the genre of the game. For shooters and racing games, you want a fast pace because the mechanics are the main focus. For strategies, you will want to take everything slowly because there is a question of choice and planning.

And finally, if you want to find an adventure or RPG game at the Betway you will like, you will need to look somewhere in the middle. It should be slow enough so you can follow the story, but just fast enough to always keep you on your toes.