WARNO’s Murat Patch Will Officially Release In Early May

WARNO’s Murat Patch Will Officially Release In Early May

In January 2022, Eugen Systems, an indie developer and publisher, released WARNO into Early Access. The game is a realistic World War III battle simulator based on the Cold War, where players are thrown into the mayhem of battle. Since its release, the developers have teased the Murat update via its official roadmap. Today, the company has stated that the Murat update has been delayed for one week to allow for finetuning and will be available next week.

WARNO Artwork

The developers have made changes to infantry combat to make it easier to handle for new players by looking at weapon lethality and the time to kill factor. Thus, the developers have reworked weapons to deal with suppression and weapon damage values with various guidelines to each class of weapons from the SAW to AR and SMG.

Furthermore, the developers have made changes to Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns and Close Air Support Planes. Both have been revised based on community feedback. Additionally, the team has made changes to placeholder models to make them more realistic.

In Murat, players will also see other minor changes including two new divisions with East and West German deployments, crewed anti-tank teams and more updates, improvements and changes. Murat will be a major update for the game as players will see various changes.

In WARNO, players can immerse themselves in a new dimension of war filled with various strategies, weapons and capabilities. Combat has evolved and players must adapt.

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