Super Mega Zero Looks Like an April Fools Joke, But Isn’t… I Think

Announced on the Worst Day Possible

April 1st is pretty much the one day out of the year where people are skeptical of what they read on the internet. I mean, you should do that everyday of the year, but especially today. It is also probably one of the worst days of the year to make an announcement for your video game. To that end, Super Mega Zero is probably a real game, but maybe wait until it actually comes out.

The announcement trailer for Super Mega Zero doesn’t help its case for being a real thing either. You play this 80s 8-bit-inspired game as a 0, leaping over and through hazards, escaping the in-game Kill Screen.

Super Mega Zero

If it is an April Fools Day joke, then someone put a lot of effort into it, in which case, I applaud the commitment to the joke. However, there is a page on Steam and the online Nintendo Store, so I am pretty sure it is legit.

As an actual April Fools Day joke, the developer did post a blog revealing the fictional origins of the game. The story tells of a child in the 80s awaiting the arrival of an upcoming arcade game Mega Zero. The game was delayed and eventually cancelled due to poor coding. The child went on to recreate this game that never came out, Super Mega Zero.

Super Mega Zero looks to be packed with challenging platforming, as well as bullet hell sections. What else can you expect from a game where the antagonist is a literal Kill Screen? Super Mega Zero will be coming out on April 21st for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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