Midnight Ghost Hunt Is Coming to PC Early Access on March 31st

Midnight Ghost Hunt Devs Confirm Its Global Release Date

Midnight Ghost Hunt is blasting into PC Early Access on March 31st. Devs confirmed its global release date with a trailer at today’s Future Games Show.

The upcoming game is a wild 4v4 hide and seek game that pits Hunters against the Ghosts. Players will be equipped with different types of high powered weapons and spirit-detecting gear. They must work together and use their skills to track down the Ghosts and catch them in traps, or simply blast them to smithereens.

midnight ghost hunt pc early access

These poltergeists can possess inanimate objects. With that said, players should make sure that the Ghosts do not outsmart them. Still, there is a lot of opportunities for shenanigans during combat. Midnight Ghost Hunt players can expect many humours moments to arise as the Ghosts experiment with different items. It is interesting to see how far they will push before the living discovers their hiding places.

The game can quickly turn into a prop hunt. After all, the Ghosts can possess just about any in-game object, such as chairs, statues, and lamps. They use these items to hide or to knock the players out—leaving them open for possession. Ghosts can use their telekinetic powers to throw these objects towards the Hunters.

Because of their weapons and equipment, players will have an initial advantage over the Ghosts. However, this will all change at the strike of midnight. At this point, the Ghosts get a super charge and turn into all-powerful beings. They can flip the game’s dynamic and cast the Hunters into a desperate fight for survival.

Pre-release material for Midnight Ghost Hunt predominantly featured a classic mansion during the Victorian era. However, the newly released trailer shows a montage of other locales the Hunters will be exploring within the game. These include a hospital, a museum, and a pirate’s cove.

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