Matcho, Unique Match-3 Game, Puzzling its way to Consoles and PC

A Match-3 Like Never Before

We all know about match-3 games. Normally fun little mobile games to pass the time and get some satisfying, addictive, gameplay out of the way. Now match-3’s are about to change forever. Today Fiolasoft Studio announced its upcoming story-driven match-3 FPS, Matcho, is currently in development. The game will be available on Next-Gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC via Steam and is taking a new look at the match-3 genre. In addition to the announcement Fiolasoft also released a three minute story trailer for Matcho that gives players a first look at the world of the game and its main character. 

Matcho places players in the role of Max. A 25-year-old man with a strange sickness that takes on the form of energy bursts that could prove fatal if not under control. He has spent his life mostly in the secure research facilities of Triagon who have found a way to suppress Max’s sickness. However, an alien invasion of bug-like creatures sees the facility leader take and max is the only one to save the day. 

Matcho sees the match-3 genre evolve with it’s tactical fighting. As players fight they need to tag three or more enemies of the same color and watch them explode. Of course, the bugs aren’t pacifists so players will need to be fast on their feet and with their brain. Additionally, player can use the built in parkour system to expand their movement and go for crazier, more flashy, combos. You can witness all of this in the trailer. 


Matcho is currently in development with a 2022 release date currently. The game will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. So, do you think you can think fast enough, and aim well enough, to take on these bugs?