King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Has Unfortunately Been Delayed Until Late April

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Has Unfortunately Been Delayed Until Late April

Neocore Games is an independent video game developer founded in 2005 in Central Europe. The company has worked on a wide array of titles and brings fresh, innovative experiences to video games. Some of the company’s titles include the Van Helsing franchise, Inquisitor series and other titles in the Warhammer universe. Neocore Games’ most recent project is King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. The company has been working on the title for quite some time and it was originally scheduled for release on March 29th. Unfortunately, today, the team has announced that the game will be delayed until a date in late April.

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The game’s release date has officially moved to April 26th. The developers note that the game’s content and gameplay is settled and ready for release, however the team needs four more weeks for testing. The testing would focus on voice acting, localization tasks and ensuring the best and smoothest launch possible.

The statement closes by apologizing to fans and thanking them for their continued support. The pandemic has had a wide ranging impact on the video game industry and very few companies have been spared. Many developers were forced to delay their games for various reasons and this is yet another.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a hybrid between RPGs and turn-based tactical games. It is a modern retelling of Arthurian stories with various twists and turns and elements of dark fantasy. Players will explore a vast world and make tough decisions along the way.

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