KeokeN Interactive Will Soon Deliver Us Mars With New Publisher

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A few years ago, KeokeN Interactive launched their adventure puzzle game called Deliver Us the Moon. While a lot of space adventure games have some sort of horror or combat focus, Deliver Us the Moon does not. Now that players have conquered what the moon base has, they can set their sights on something new in Deliver Us Mars.

The situation players find themselves in in Deliver Us the Moon is that Earth has used up its natural resources. There are installations on the moon designed to use the resources there to supply Earth. The player has to investigate these places, which have seemingly been abandoned for strange reasons.

Deliver Us Mars

In Deliver Us Mars, we can assume that the player will have similar goals… but on Mars. Being a different environment, Mars may present new challenges not seen on the moon.

Last week, KeokeN Interactive released a trailer revealing Deliver Us Mars. In the trailer, we see wreckage of a crashed lander and a lone explorer. They find a floating robotic companion and set their sights on a new installation to explore.

After a self-published release on PC in 2018, KeokeN Interactive re-released Deliver Us the Moon in 2019 with Wired Productions publishing it. In 2020, the game came to PS4 and Xbox One with plans for a Nintendo Switch port. Unfortunately, the Switch port was cancelled. The new game will be published by Frontier Foundry. The trailer for Deliver Us Mars shows that the game will launch on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. However, no release date has been given.

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