Europa Universalis IV Subscription System Live On Steam

The World at Your Fingertips 

You can have every Europa expansion you could need for a small sum. Today Paradox Interactive announced a special subscription opportunity exclusive for Steam players of their strategy game, Europa Universalis IV. A press release about the opportunity provides more details about its features as well as how it affects players. 

EU IV Subscription

Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy game that places players in control of a nation at the dawn of modernity. As the leader of a nation you are in control of everything from military power, to trade, to domestic issues. Furthermore, the game has no shortage of nations to try. Throughout all of its expansions Europa Universalis IV now includes over five hundred nations to try. All arranging in alphabetical order from Aachen to Zuni. Of course with each new set of nations, in each expansion, there is always more mechanics, content, and ways to make the world seem even larger. It’s within all of this content that the new subscription deal can be found. 

Paradox is offering a new subscription service for Steam players of Europa Universalis IV. Since its inception on Steam in 2013 the game has grow exponentially. According to the press release the new subscription will give players a chance to catch up on years and years of missing content. By subscribing players gain access to all 14 expansions, 4 immersion packs, 9 content packs, access to all future expansions, and further improvements. 

The subscription for Europa Universalis IV is available exclusive on Steam. Additionally the subscription costs $4.99 per month and will automatically renew until cancellation. So are you happy about this new subscription? What are your thoughts?