Land of Screens Launches on Nintendo Switch and Steam

Point and Click Connection 

These days it seems screens are everywhere. In fact, you’re reading this on a screen. Yet, what if you tried to escape them? Welcome to the plot of Developer Serenity Forge’s point and click adventure, Land of Screens, which launched today. A press release about the game’s launch provides more details about the story and gameplay. Additionally, the release includes a short launch trailer that provides players another little glimpse into the Land of Screens. 

Land of Screens Launch

Land of Screens introduces players to Holland. An exhausted young woman whose boyfriend of five years and herself have just broken up. The break up is filling her social media’s and has begun to trend. So, Holland does the only sane thing and decides she needs time away from any and all screens. 

Of course, this is where the player comes in. Through a point and click adventure you will help Holland find her way through a world that obsesses with screens. Yet, as the player and Holland advance through the world of Land of Screens you’ll discover there are more than enough adventures to be had outside of the realm of screen. 

The launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the art style and feel of the game. Additionally, it lets players see the world of Land of Screens and maybe even empathize with Holland a little. 

Land of Screens is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch. Currently the game costs $5.99. So, what are you waiting for lets help Holland escape some screens, through one of our own.