Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Sees New Steam Early Access Content

New Map, New Challenges 

A civilization survives off of trade. Now maybe your own civilization can experience how. Solo Developer Erik Rempen’s village building roguelike game, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, releases its first free Steam Early Access update. A press release provides more details on the Trade and Travel update that has come to the game. Specifically the release speaks on the new challenges, map, and more that the update brings the game.


Kainga: Seeds of Civilization places players in the role of the village “thinker” or the leader of their own village. The game, using roguelike mechanics, makes the player adapt to a procedurally generating world that focuses on short village building challenges. Furthermore, as village leader, the player takes the responsibility for commanding the people on how to construct the village. 

The update brings a whole host of new content to the game. A new thinker, made entirely of smoke, who can’t take direct damage. New quests associating with the new thinker, new map and more. Of course, the new “edges” map which brings new biomes from the wide savannahs to tall cliffs leading to ocean. There is a lot to explore. 

Also a new update trailer shows off all of the new features. It also gives new players a glimpse at the art style and gameplay. 


Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is available now on Steam Early Access for $19.99. Additionally, for a limited time, Steam is offering a 15% discount starting February 25th. Can you lead your village through all new challenges?