Horizon Forbidden West Sales to Help WWF-Canada Wildlife Initiative

A Brighter Horizon 

Buying Horizon Forbidden West? Then you are actually helping to save two worlds. Aloy’s and our own. Today PlayStation announced that it will be supporting the World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF) with sales of Horizon Forbidden West. A press release mentions the details of the initiative as well as how the sales will support the organization. Additionally the partnership released a video giving fans a visual look at the initiative from the WWF. 


Essentially PlayStation is donating money to the WWF Canada’s coastal habitat restoration project in British Columbia. PlayStation is donating $1 from every Canadian sale of Horizon Forbidden West to the WWF project up to $100,000. Furthermore this is only one of the projects PlayStation is working on in a massive celebration of Horizon Forbidden West. From organizations such as The Eden Project to Arbor Day Foundation, PlayStation is offering the mall support in different ways. You can find more info on all of the different projects on PlayStations website

The WWF’s coastal habitat restoration project is working to rehabilitate seagrass meadows. These meadows are a vital source of food and shelter for many aquatic species. Additionally the seagrass meadows also help absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide. According to the WWF’s website seagrass meadows are responsible for up to 11% of the ocean’s carbon storage. 

The partnership video PlayStation posted today gives fans of Horizon Forbidden West some more in-depth info about coastal restoration. Additionally the video shows off some of the underwater scenes of the game, with voice over discussing the importance of protecting our world. 

Canadian’s who purchase Horizon Forbidden West will have a dollar of their purchase given to the WWF. All fans of the game can be a little more like Aloy and help to save our own world. So, why not be a hero. 

SOURCE: Press Release