Now You Can Massage Your Hands After an Intense Gaming Session

Treat Your Hands Right

You can now buy a hand massager to make sure your hands remain in excellent shape. Why? Well, why not? Those serious about gaming, especially PC gaming, need to make sure their hands don’t cramp. How can you work a mouse and keyboard if you can’t move your hand? Exactly. Buy it now.

Bauhütte created the hand massager to soothe the hardcore gamer’s hands. It’s equipped with 15 air cushions to help simulate a massage and keep your hands feeling excellent.

Don’t worry; the hand massager offers settings for everyone. It has three different settings based on how hard you want the massage and two different modes. It has Shiatsu mode, which massages the stiffness of the entire hand with firm pressure, and Thimble mode, which only massages your fingers.

Bauhütte recommends three different times to use the device. Before starting a session, during a mid-game break, and after a session. You can use it to warm your hands up before you start, then improve circulation during a break, and rub the stiffness out after the session.

Okay, this probably isn’t actually going to be useful for most gamers. I game regularly and type on a keyboard for work, and I’ve never needed a hand massage. No, unless you struggle with circulation or stiffness, the average gamer isn’t going to need this.

That doesn’t make it useless, however. Esports is only getting more popular, and this might actually be useful for those who game professionally. Thoe people are on an entirely different level, and a hand massager might help give them an edge and remain comfortable. So while I don’t find it helpful, I think it could find a small, niche audience.