NipahDUBS is All About Charming & Well Crafted Cosplays

NipahDUBS Cosplay Feature

Is it that time already? You know it! There’s no denying that cosplay has had a wonderful impact on various hobbies whether it is seeing your favourite character in the flesh or the craftsmanship of simple and intricate costumes.

This weekend we are highlighting Illinois based cosplay, NipahDUBS. Nipah has been cosplaying for over a decade and is incredibly skilled at armour construction, sewing and wig styling. As a veteran in the cosplay sphere, he’s made appearances as a guest for many venues all over the country. He’s got an impressive skill set and a passion for anime and video games, you know that he’s going to give his fans some incredible cosplay!

Check out some of our favourite pictures of his!

Nipah DUBS

Beast – Beauty And The Beast

Nipah DUBS

Nipah DUBS

 Flynn Rider – Tangled

Nipah DUBS

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