Leaks Suggest Marvel Skins Are Coming to Fortnite

Datamine Reveals New Hawkeye, Green Goblin Fortnite Skins

Fortnite dataminers have been hard at work lately. Along with the usual leaks, two new ones have garnered a lot of interest. These are the new Marvel-based skins that will take advantage of the MCU’s most recent projects: Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

fortnite chapter 3 leaks

According to dataminers, Fortnite’s version 19.10 update has a couple of secrets up its sleeve. Firstly, the Battle Royale game will add a ton of skins and other cosmetics related to the Disney+ series, Haweye. Notably, there are two different skins. One is based on Clint Barton and the other is based on Kate Bishop.¬†Other Hawkeye-inspired cosmetics include harvesting tools, back bling, and a new loading screen.

However, that isn’t the only Marvel-inspired cosmetic making its way to Fortnite. Spider-Man’s the Green Goblin will also be making his way onto the map soon. He will bring along some accessories as well. While the success of the most recent MCU Spider-Man film likely led to this crossover, his appearance is more similar to his classic comic book look.

The Green Goblin will appear in the game with his signature Pumpkin Bombs and Goblin Glider. There will also be a new loading screen, emote and a new Pumpkin P’axe.

While neither collaboration has been confirmed by Epic Games or Fortnite yet, these collaborations make a lot of sense.¬†Following in the footsteps of Thanos’ reign over Fortnite’s map and several Spider-Man skins, these are just the newest collaborations between Epic Games and Marvel.

While it is likely these are accurate leaks, it remains to be seen when they will be introduced and how players can purchase or unlock them. Which new Marvel addition are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.