Lost Ark Online’s Launch Details Unveiled As Release Date Approaches

Lost Ark Online’s Launch Details Unveiled As Release Date Approaches

Lost Ark Online originally launched in South Korea in 2018. In 2021, Amazon Games Studio and Smilegate Studios announced that it would be heading to the west on PC. The game is set to launch on February 8th. Ahead of its launch, the development team have unveiled some launch details for fans who have pre-ordered the title and are patiently awaiting its release. Lost Ark Online is currently available via Steam and Amazon. Interested persons can purchase Founder’s Pack from Bronze to Platinum levels. Each level goes up in price but also increases the rewards!

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Firstly, players can pre-download the game from February 7th regardless of pre-orders or not. Secondly, the game will launch from February 8th for those who purchased the Founder’s Pack and will launch for everyone else from February 11th. Secondly, fans who purchase a Founder’s Pack will receive their skins and other benefits through their Roster Storage. The skins will only be usable for the fifteen classes available at launch.

Additionally, players will have various servers to choose from on launch date. The servers are located in South Africa, EU Central, US East and US West. Unfortunately, fans outside these areas may have to wait a bit longer. Also, server reset times will depend on the region and core content will maintain the best local hours available.

In Lost Ark Online, a world of adventure awaits gamers as they step into and explore Arkesia. The odyssey begins and players will delve in dungeons, chaotic PVP, epic quests and fight against massive raid bosses.

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