Leap, Genre Bending FPS, Jumps into Open Beta January

Exo-suit Up Mercenary

Ever wanted to fly around a battlefield at high speeds while gunning down the competition? Now you can. Blue Isle Studios’ genre twisting FPS, Leap, is ready to jump into battle during an Open Beta on January 18th. A press release about the game provides more details. 

Leap Feature

Leap features an FPS firefight that looks to change the way we fight online battles. Players in Leap will play as a mercenary looking to achieve a payout. They will select one of four classes each focused on a different aspect of warfare. For example, where one class is agile, another may focus more on defense. Mercenaries will also move around the maps on a personalized vehicles, by using gadgets, and more. Leap features high-speed action where players will use an assortment of weapons to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, players will be asked to choose an employer. Sides made up between the United Earth Defense Coalition and the Exo Terrans. 

A trailer, accompanied by a nature documentary-esque voice over, shows off a variety of weapons, gadgets, and powers. The trailer also gives players a look at the 60-player battles of Leap.

In addition to normal weapons, the press release explains more tools at mercenaries disposals saying, “Call in orbital strikes, set up automated turrets, or control guided cruise missiles.” 

Currently, Blue Isle is planning to release Leap in February. As of right now, Leap is hosting an Open Beta on January 19th. Players can wish list the game on Steam, and check the website to sign up for the beta.