Inscryption Passes 1,000,000 Sales

Inscryption Hits A Big Milestone

Daniel Mullins’ gruesome deck builder Inscryption has passed 1,000,000 digital copies sold. The game only came out on October 19th of last year and in that time has been in the news for a number of things.


Inscryption is an indie roguelite with horror elements all throughout it. You play as a character trapped in a cabin who is forced to play a card game with their captor. If you lose the game, you die and start over. You lose all of your progress, but some cards and other things stay with you after death. The game’s creator, Daniel Mullins, is well known for making strange indie titles, and Inscryption is no different.

Devolver Digital made the announcement via Twitter earlier today. They did it the same way they announced hitting 100,000 sales. The stoat, a card you get at the beginning of the game that can talk to you, gives a message to the player making a reference to a common phrase the card says.

Inscryption is currently only available for digital download on PC. The only popular services you can get the game from are Steam and the Epic Games Store. Despite this and the game only being a few months old, Inscryption still managed to make a splash in the gaming scene.

It’s really no surprise Inscryption has been doing so well sales-wise. It was up for a few awards at the 2021 Game Awards and was even praised by Masahiro Sakurai. Inscryption was nominated for best indie game and best sim/strategy game at last year’s Game Awards. Although it didn’t win in either category, the game was still represented in some capacity. Even Super Smash Brothers creator Masahiro Sakurai is a fan citing Inscryption as the game that left the biggest impression on him in 2021.