How Do You Simulate A Season In Madden 22?

Madden NFL 22 came with some great changes on many stages of the game. It seems like the ‘Franchise Mode’ experienced the biggest overhaul from the previous game, adding new features, options, style of play, trainers, simulation, and much more.

When it comes to playing a regular season in Madden NFL, everything is great apart from being time-consuming. Nonetheless, you can recreate historical moments, like Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl win in 2002, as mentioned in this TwinSpires article.

If you are just up for playing games with your favorite team as you progress through the league then you’ll be fine, but if you want quicker results then the only option is to simulate matches.

Simulating matches became very popular and players use this mode, which is backed up by real data and updates from real-world events, to predict the season results and some of the brave ones even place bets according to the results from their simulation.

Even though simulating in Madden 22 is easy, we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can improve your stats, break records, and get more points on every single match.

Standard Simulation in Madden 22

The most used option in the Franchise mode is Standard Simulation where you can just sim game to game and you don’t have to watch any of them. With that said, this is the hardest way to simulate a game since the results won’t be always accurate.

For instance, your team could have an overall of 95 and still lose against a team of 78 by 30 points, where in reality, that is highly unlikely to happen. On top of that, Standard Simulation doesn’t allow you to simulate an entire season with one click. You need to go week by week until you’ve completed the season.

The Standard Simulation can be frustrating for many players just because they cannot understand why their team is losing. With that said, there are boundaries with this method of simulation and if the simulation is too easy, players will use the simulation for successfully completing the season with the highest record every time.

This is why EA set an algorithm that makes the situation difficult for your team and your job is to learn which is the best defense to use in Madden 22 and other tactics that might increase your winning chances.

Slow Simulation in Madden 22

Unlike the Standard Simulation where you’ll only get the end results from each game, a slow simulation is an option where you can watch the gameplay out. This is the best simulation in Madden 22 that gives out the most accurate results. On top of that, you’d see how your team is performing and possibly make some changes in the future.

On the other hand, if you are playing with a team with a lower overall score, Slow Simulation might not be the best for you since it will be very hard to win a game.  If you are only here for winning and do not care about how accurate the results are, then less skilled teams are better off using the standard simulation.

The slow simulation doesn’t mean that your team will be constantly losing every game. EA has developed this mode to have a slow start in the season by losing a couple of games after picking things up and slowly moving forward towards the mid and the end of the season where you’ll start winning more games.

Additionally, slow simulation also allows you to score more points in a single game. If your Playbooks and Schemes are right, and your team is having the right players with the perfect chemistry, you can reach up to 100 points in a single game.

If you decide to use slow simulation, here are the best settings that will give you the most accurate results:

  • Difficulty levels usually do not matter, and it is best to keep it on All-Madden
  • Set 15-minute quarters
  • Turn off the Accelerated Clock
  • Turn off Injuries during Preseason
  • Set the Injury Rating to 15
  • Keep Gameplay Sliders on standard
  • The stamina rating is down to personal preference