Hot Wheels Unleashed Is Introducing Monster Trucks

Hot Wheels Unleashed Introduces Monster Trucks

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a fantastic arcade-style racer that is adding some size to its lineup of vehicles. Yes, the Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 2 is adding some monster trucks to race around in. Really, is there any game not improved by monster trucks? I think not!

The aptly named Monster Truck expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed launching on April 21. The expansion adds five new vehicles, a themed Track Builder Module, and themed customizations items for the Basement and the Player’s Profile. Plus, a brand-new environment where players can race and build tracks: the Stop Motion Studio.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

This brand-new environment has four monster dioramas to race around in: the Jungle, the Quarry, the Desert, and the Ice Mountain. Those sound like the perfect environment to take a massive monster truck for a test run. The Monster Truck Expansion is a part of Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 2 and is available separately if you just want some monster truck action.

The Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 2 also includes nine vehicles, three Themed Customization Packs, and three Track Builder Modules. The pass is available to purchase starting February 17. The pass, alongside vol. 1, is also bundled together with the Hot Wheels Unleashed in the new digital-only version titled Hot Wheels Unleashed Ultimate Stunt Edition.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

That new edition seems like a great deal if you haven’t decided to jump into the Hot Wheels racing action. Each volume seems like it is adding some excellent additions. Hot Wheels Unleashed bringing monster trucks is certainly cool enough to at least warrant a look at the different volumes of DLC.

I never thought a Hot Wheels game would be a fantastic racing game that warrants decent post-launch support. It’s good to that a licensed racing game actually had some love and care poured into it to create a phenomenal racing experience.

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