Hitman 3 Publisher Tries to Offer Compensation on Steam

After Blowback, IO Interactive Offers Hitman Upgrades Thanks to Negative Steam Reviews

Thanks to Hitman 3 being at full price on Steam, there has been a lot of backlash against the game. Normally, going at full price is fine- but it had has been released on Epic Game Store for a year. And too, Epic Game store had the game on discount, until recently.

Hitman 3

So, IO Interactive, the developers and publishers of Hitman 3 have decided to do something about it. At least, for those who have already bought a copy of the game on Steam. For those who have already purchased the standard edition, their copies of Hitman 3 will be upgraded to the Deluxe version of the game. This means that there will be bonuses, new suits to wear, digital OST, and developer commentary.

And for those who have already bought the Hitman Trilogy, will receive the DLC suite based on the seven deadly sins for free. These are seven separate DLCs currently, which are at the usual price of 6.49 CDN, and together would be $45.43 CDN if bought individually.

hitman 3 season of gluttony release date

While the full game and bundle are currently not on discount (which may be irksome for possible players) as of this writing, some of the bundles are currently on Steam. The Hitman Trilogy Premium Add-Ons Bundle is currently 25% off, the Seven Deadly Sins Collection is 15% off, and the Hitman Access Pass: Hitman 2 Gold is 7% off. The Premium Add-on does seem to give a lot, including a Hitman 1 upgrade, Hitman 2 expansion Pass, and the Hitman 3 Deluxe pack- but it is still 77.22 CDN. Also, the Access Pass allows you to access other locations from the previous games, but they are being sold at 44.99 and 49.99 each.

Those that continue to buy the Standard Edition and the Trilogy will be able to cash in on this deal on Steam until February 19, 2022. The question of whether these gifts and bundles are worth it, and what players think of them, we will have to see.